Irvan Noe’man

In Memory


Irvan A. Noe’man studied Art and Interior Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology and pursued his Master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA. Today, he is one of Indonesia’s most prominent designers, as well as a creative activist and intellectual. In 1989, he founded BD+A Design, which specialises in cross-disciplinary design expertise, including product design and innovation, industrial design, visual/graphic design, space and retail design, and brand and corporate identity. The clients it works with range from airlines, banks and hotels to international schools and residential complexes.

Noe’man is also known as the person who has introduced creative economy in Indonesia. In collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, he initiated Indonesia Design Power, an ongoing programme to mobilise the power of design to contribute to the nation’s economy, in and he was the founder of the Indonesia Creative Center and a founding associate of the Design Alliance Asia. Passionate about education, design, research and development, he is actively involved in various design fields, design associations and creative industry projects.

In 1 October, 2012, one of Irvan Noe’man’s living series design named Kodi Kanta 1 has succeeded in an International Design Award known as Good Design Award 2012 held in Japan.