Freeman Lau

Vice Chairman

Hong Kong

As vice-president of the board of directors, as well as co-founder of KL&K Creative Strategics, and as chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Design and Creative Industries, Freeman Lau dedicates much of his efforts to promoting and enhancing the design industry.

Having been working as a designer and an artist for over 40 years, Freeman has received over 300 local and international awards. The well-known Watsons water bottle and the brand image is one of the most significant design projects he did.

In the field of graphic design, one of his latest signature set of posters, “Chairligraphy”, made him the winner of the “Judges Award” and “Bronze Award” at the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010 as well as the winner of the “Communication Design” of Red Dot Design Award.

As an artist, Freeman created a wide spectrum of artworks, covering sculptures, installations, public art and even art products. Apart from the highly reputed “Chairplay” series which has been collected by museums and collectors from all over the world, in recent years he has been working on his bamboo installations including “Sui Sui Ping An”, the set of gigantic bamboo lanterns installation shown at the Civic Centre Plaza of San Francisco in 2017, and the “Bamboo Fortune Cookies” shown in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2015 and the Eslite Spectrum Suzhou, China, in 2016.

Freeman’s contribution to the design sector and Hong Kong’s society is widely recognised, granting him a myriad of awards such as the “Grand Award of Hong Kong Publishing Biennial” (2021) as well as the “DFA World Outstanding Chinese Designer Award” (2021).