Amy Chow


China - Hong Kong

An authoritative curator, who focuses on the visual culture and language of Hong Kong and Asian design through material innovation, creative processes, collaboration and craftsmanship, Amy, who is also a writer, academic, and connoisseur, has published almost a million words in English and Chinese on the arts and design, and the cultural and creative industries. Having trained in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Rome, Amy has spearheaded critically acclaimed groundbreaking design exhibitions and mentorship and creative collaboration programmes both in Hong Kong and internationally, including Creative Hong Kong (2007), presented on three continents, Creative Ecologies of Hong Kong (2010) for six months at the Shanghai World Expo, Confluence 20+ (2017), a series of monumental exhibitions, which travelled to Milan, Hong Kong, Seoul and Chicago, The Project HK-UK: Design, Artistry and Craftsmanship (2019/2022), which was held in Hong Kong and Milan, a one-of-a-kind mentorship and creative collaboration programme exploring design partnerships and multiculturalism through discussions and debates, and also the design and evolution of live projects. Re-edit (2020) acknowledged the creativity and ingenuity of local design talent, and The Renewed Creativity (2022-2023), launched in mainland China, featured objects as well as ideas, services, human experiences, and facilities that our communities need. In 2019, Amy founded The Tapestry Studio, which specialises in curatorial and exhibition design, research and creative publishing.